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Hi! My name is Kelly. I live on the beautiful north coast of California, also known as Northern California and I don’t mean San Francisco. Keep driving, keep driving, yes, you’ll get here soon, right around the next corner, I know I said that hours ago, just watch the road...and look out for that redwood tree!

That’s right, you can find me up here in the redwood forest on the sunny coast of California. Did I say, sunny? Uh, no. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! I’ve heard it said that living here is like living in a tropical rainforest. Which is a nice way of saying it rains here a lot. When it isn’t raining, it’s fogging…A LOT. Despite being a bit damp most of the time, I feel very fortunate to live, play and work here, near the ocean, forests, rivers and mountains…under the big trees.

I am an artist, albeit a bit fickle. Whether I’m at my torch making glass beads or drawing in my sketchbook or seeing through the lens of my camera, the intrinsic beauty of this area is the inspiration for my creative endeavors.

It was my grandfather who first inspired in me an appreciation for the things to be found in nature. He was a rockhound and would spend hours and days on the beaches, in the mountains, and at the river with his eyes cast down – looking and collecting. Back in his shop, I would watch him while he worked, awestruck, as he sliced into what looked like an ordinary every day rock to reveal an inner world rich in color and texture, full of character, no two rocks ever the same.

Like my grandfather, I can spend hours and days poking around tide pools, along rivers, and in the forest looking for treasures. Whether those treasures are tucked in my pocket, captured by my camera, or just a memory, I bring home what I’ve seen (or think I’ve seen). Things like Redwood trees, rocks, feathers, fluffy white clouds, bright pink moppy little nudibranchs, antlers, and migrating geese are some of the things you'll find in my home, or in my photographs and drawings, or in the shape, color and texture of the glass beads I make.

I hope you enjoy visiting “A Girl in the Redwoods” where I can share some of my treasures with you.

Thank you!