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Ants float

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hand painted tile for coasters

It's convenient, isn't it? I make a delicious cup of tea, add milk, add sugar, add ants. The ants float to the top where I can skim them off with a spoon and wash them down the drain. Hardly takes a moment. (For those of you who have been over recently and had a nice cup of tea, I promise you, this is a new development on the matter of ants at our house.)

I used to worry about a zombie apocalypse and not being able to update my eyeglass prescription, now it's bugs. If this is my life now, with resources, just imagine how buggy it could get after the collapse.

I may have read a few too many books on that topic this past year, at least enough to have made a plan:  get yourself to where the guns are and the fresh water. Luckily, both those things are within walking distance and involve family, so I doubt we'd be turned away at the door. Right?

Add good shoes to the list. Many a character was undone by the lack of appropriate footwear.

For now, though, we should be able to enjoy our tea bug free and with some style.

These coasters are super simple, inexpensive, and fun to make. I bought tiles at the local hardware store (the one with the big hammer) and drew on them with Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Pens. Under normal circumstances, they should be dishwasher safe.

We have a dishwasher at our house. His name is Dave. He puts normal to the test.

When it comes to washing dishes, honey, that's all I meant. Honest. You are normal, really. No worries there.

Did I mention inexpensive?

Click on the link for details:  Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Pens