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A Girl in the Redwoods

Fall: the color, taste, and feel

Capturing Flora & Fauna - Inside the Fog

Saturday, 03 October 2015 18:05


apple pie

forest floor

It's a wonderful life.



In the Studio - In the Studio

Tuesday, 29 September 2015 00:00

altered book page

altered book page, 2015
8.25" x 5.5"


Ordinarily not dangerous

In the Studio - In the Studio

Monday, 28 September 2015 00:00

hippo collage

Ordinarily Not Dangerous
altered book pages, 2015
5" x 5.5"


Out for a walk

Capturing Flora & Fauna - Along the Rivers and Marshes

Sunday, 27 September 2015 19:34

long billed curley



Out for a walk on a blustery day at the Humboldt Wildlife Refuge.


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